How Texas Lending ( Handles Online Reviews

Texas Lending knows that as a business grows, negative online comments are inevitable. Over the years, Texas Lending ( has learned to manage these isolated incidents. Today, Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier mortgage lender discusses how it has learned to prevent negative postings online.

Q: closes thousands of loans each year, and most of those loans bring rave reviews from clients. Yet, even you’ve experienced the occasional unhappy customer. Does Texas Lending try to resolve those issues?

Texas Lending: Yes, and the team at Texas Lending has found that although most customers are open to a resolution, some have gone past the point of resolution by the time they’ve complained. In some cases, we can’t help because their dispute is with the process involved in securing a home loan.

Q: How so?

Texas Lending: Well, Texas Lending is but one spoke in the wheel of a complicated process. Only so much of it is within our control. There is the title company, which comes with its own requirements and complications. An appraisal is also required before we can close on a home, which brings another third-party business into the picture. Texas Lending also has certain things it needs from the borrower, including paperwork that proves income. Delays in that process can cause delays in pushing things through on time.

Q: And Texas Lending takes the blame for that?

Texas Lending: Most of the time, a customer doesn’t really care what particular part of the process broke down. The negative comment is geared toward the entire experience.

Q: Texas Lending has been doing business in Dallas-Fort Worth for more than a decade. Have you found most of your customers are happy with the process?

Texas Lending: The overwhelming majority of our clients are extremely satisfied with our process. Texas Lending makes every effort to explain the process in ways the borrower can understand, so there are no unpleasant surprises. That’s what has made Texas Lending the Consumers’ Choice award winner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area each of the last five years.